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Food for Thought

Is it actually a good idea for me to be drinking toxic chemicals?

-Here's a little food for thought on the fluoride in our drinking water. We encourage you to do your own research not just in common media but in scientific fact about the result of long term exposure to the chemicals in our tap water. All information given within this website is currently available to the general public through websites and information sources easily accesable for your own in-depth study. We encourage you to watch a video that shines some light on this dark subject of our health and welfare.

"What are these chemicals I'm drinking?"

-The most common forms of fluoride added to your drinking water are the silicofluorides, which include fluosilicates and fluorosilic acid (FSA). The actual substance used to fluoridate your water is only about 25% FSA. The rest is a toxic soup of heavy materials and industrial contaminants.What's going into your water is not some pharmaceutical substance that's been tested for purity. It is a waste product containing mercury, lead, arsenic, and other toxic compounds. It's exact composition is unknown because it has never been analyzed. If this FSA solution weren't being purchased by taxpayers and dumped into their drinking water, then the fertilizer industry would have to take them to the highest rated hazardous waste facility.

"What does the FDA say about fluoride?"

-On a toxicity scale of 1-6, fluoride is rated at 4.5 which is "extremely toxic". It is more toxic then lead (4.0) and almost as poisonous as arsenic (5.1). Why do we have drinking water permitted to have the concentrations of fluoride up to 80 times greater than arsenic, and 266 times greater then lead?

-Even some toothpaste labels tell us fluoride is a poison.

-Sodium fluoride is a registered rodenticide and insecticide.

"Is this a good way for children to get fluoride?"

-Adding fluoride to the public water would be like adding aspirin in order to prevent heart attacks in the elderly, or like spraying hay fever medicine into the air.

-Fluoride is best delivered in toothpaste or by a dentist.

"What can happen when we get too much fluoride?"

-About half of the fluoride we ingest remains in our bodies, accumulating in our bones and other calcified tissues. "Skeletal Fluorosis" is a disease when all the fluoride that accumulates in bones disrupts calcium metabolism, producing pain, and stiffness in the back and neck. Often mistaken for arthritis, skeletal fluorosis can progress to severe crippling and immobility, as seen in people who live in areas like India where the water is high in fluoride. Fluoride retention by bone is nearly 2mg/day, which would mean an average individual would experience skeletal fluorosis after about 40 years. (National Academy of Science) Other side effects are increased hip fractures in the elderly, increased risk of a rare forms of bone cancer popular in males ages 9-19 who live in fluorided areas, and increased levels of lead in the blood. When fluoride was banned in Thurmont, Maryland in 1994 the lead levels dropped in homes from 30ppb (parts per billion) to 7ppb!

-Fluorosilic acid pulls lead out of the soldering in water pipes. It also pulls aluminium from pans and cans.

"Where's the proof that fluoridated water reduces cavities?"

-There is no proof. Merely speculation by observers in trend. In British Columbia only 11% of the population drinks fluoridated water, as opposed to the 40-70% in other Canadian regions. Yet British Columbia has the lowest rate of tooth decay in Canada. In addition, the lowest rates of dental cavities within the province are found in the areas that DO NOT have their water fluoridated.

-Brushing your teeth is a much better way to reduce cavities then drinking any substance.


  • There is enough fluoride in a tube of tooth paste to be extremely harmful to a young child.
  • Children under 3 should never use fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Baby fomulas should never be prepared with GTA tap water. (Dr. Limeback)
  • According to the EPA, the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) allowed in drinking water for arsenic is 50ppb and for lead, 15ppb. Fluoride, which has a toxicity level between these is allowed at 4,000ppb in our tap water!
  • Having 0 parts per million of total dissolved solids is the best way to know exactly what you are drinking.
  • Some GTA tap water pipelines are older then you. Can we see in them to know they are all clean?
  • We know of no other company that delivers Reverse Osmosis water at 0ppm.
  • Do you know what those few particles are that are left in your water for you to drink ?
  • If perfect quality were available would you rather have that ?
  • You know what you're drinking if you get it from Nothing But Water.


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