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Disposable bottles delivered to save you time and effort.


We are a company that will deliver small orders at no extra charge when you receive your water order. We do however have a 4 case minimum on all products if you are not receiving 18.9 L jugs. Ideal for seniors that cannot lift the heavy jugs. Our drivers will even tuck them in the closet for you seniors.

We deliver all of our disposable sizes on your area's delivery date. This means you can have perfectly clean water dropped off without the hassle of filling the grocery cart with water! 11litre and 4L are also available in DISTILLED. Perfect for dentist offices, and filling your batteries, irons, or Expresso machines.

Perfect for camping and long trips! With or without a water cooler in your home or office, you may still find this a helpful and practical alternative than filling your shopping carts and straining your back at the grocery store. All sizes are free delivery with your 18.9L jug order!

Our 11litre disposable bottle. (above)

There are several advantages to using Nothing But Water's high quality 18.9L bottles.

We don't use stickers at all. The reasons are quite simple but people don't usually think of them. At Nothing But Water we feel that by using a bottle from a competitor and placing our sticker on it would compromise the quality of the purity of the water. We don't know for sure if they use the same cleaning solution as us for the bottles and therefore we choose to be 100% sure of the quality of the plastic transporting our product. We only use bottles that have been used for nothing but our water. This is why we screen our bottles instead of using stickers. It's for your benefit, and your protection.

We date stamp all of our product. This way if there is ever a problem of any kind it is completely trackable. Even the person responsible for monitoring the filling process is noted on your cap. Therefore we know exactly every possibility if there is ever a problem. It's for your benefit.

We only use caps with our label on them. If you have a generic cap on the product you are using understand that anyone with access to those caps can remove and replace and therefore tamper with the product. We want 100% perfect quality. It's for your benefit.

We comply with requested health standards and quality. We have many retailers and health related customers that require 100% perfection every time. We deliver this 100% quality and stand by our product as the only water that you can be 100% sure has nothing but water in it. It's for your benefit.

We deliver 0ppm reverse osmosis water in our 18.9L bottles and smaller disposable sizes. We know of no other company that has 0ppm Reverse Osmosis water available for delivery in all of these different sizes. Our 100% quality attitude, product and system is unfortunately unique. It's for your benefit.

We use our product too. Whenever an employee purchases water for pick up or delivery there is no special treatment. Our children, families, relatives, and friends get the exact same treatment you do. It's about giving 100% effort. That's the standard at Nothing But Water. It's for your family's benefit! It's for our families benefit as well!

(Yes they are triplets! These are some of Scott's Kids)

Take the challenge. Try Nothing But Water for 2 weeks. Replace your pop, coffee and spring water with Nothing But Water for 2 weeks. You will never want to go back. You'll have more energy and better health. It's not just advertising, it's fact. It's changed our lives for the better. And that is the point, isn't it? It's for your benefit.

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