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Systems and Softeners

How much does an in home System or Softener cost?

Change your standard of living with unlimited 100% pure water from your own in home or office system! Get rid of mineral build up and stench by using a water softener!

System requirements are crucial to evaluating what size of a softner is necessary. Under sizeing a water softner will result in major expenses in the future.

It is our desire at Nothing But Water to size and price your water softner so you can enjoy the benefits without the interuption of service for years. Our softners are custom tailored for each application.

Reverse Osmosis machines are the most efficient and cost effective way to purify drinking water in your own home. In most G.T.A. areas you can simply use a direct line from your tap water to the machine. Our Reverse Osmosis home units use no electricity, using only water pressure to produce the purification process. For a few hundred dollars and a little space under the sink you can enjoy 50 gallons of water per day for your family. Now you can cook your rice, vegetables, coffee, tea, juices, and even wash your lettuce with chlorine free water. Take that nasty metalic taste out of your potatoes and vegetables. No one is ever unhappy with this type of system at the great price we offer it.

As well if you enjoy the use of a water cooler you can select one from our "coolers" page to have automatic water fills with your Reverse Osmosis system.No more bottles. It's the most energy efficient and cost effect way to supply water to your home or office cooler. Also, in most cases, your 50 gallon per day R.O. system can feed more then one cooler. It's the perfect system for large facilities at a price that dominates the purchase of constant large amounts of bottled water.

Click the picture above to request a price quotation for your home or office.

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