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What's the Difference?

Does it really matter what is in our drinking water?

Yes it does.

The FACT is most people today are paying a high price for a low quality of water. Thinking that those minerals in spring water are benefitial is not totally incorrect, but is highly misleading.

Do you know what exactly is in your water?

What minerals are there that are helping you in your water?

Is it worth replacing the cleansing ability of water to your body, to replenish trace minerals that your body should be over stocked in by eating a healthy diet?


Most of the minerals in spring water are the tasty SALT minerals that sell the product. In fact the more popular the spring water often goes hand in hand with the higher the mineral SALTS. It's interesting how something that makes you thirsty, and is so benefitial to water sales, would be in such a high concentrate in your water.

We encourage you to KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DRINKING! That's what we encourage here.

If you actually know what you are drinking and WHY YOU DRINK IT, that's what we want.

We know what is in our water!


We just like our water as pure as possible, and we've found over the years, we're not alone.

"More than eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with a disease doctors say would require DAILY MEDICATION FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. An osteopathic physician finally convinced me to try a natural way to calm my symptoms, from harm done to my body for years. In just 2 weeks of drinking PURE water, in adequate amounts, I was off the ($100.00 a week) medication, that I would have been taking for the rest of my life. eleven years later, my problem still exsist, but my symptoms are held at bay, as long as I continue my pure water intake. I would like to invite you to avoid problems such as these by drinking adequate amounts of fresh, clean, pure water on a daily basis."

Dan Polhamus (President and CEO)


Your body is actually very smart. When you put something in your mouth, your body knows whether or not it is pure. If something is over approximately 20 parts per million, your body knows that purification needs to take place, and subsequently begins the process of removing all the good and storing it to a bin, and all the bad to another bin to be sent out for trash. All of your organs are involved in this process. With spring water having a count of         200+ PPM, it is very necessary for your body to filter it, nevermind the fact that we don't know what that 200+ PPM is!

With a purified water below approximately 20ppm, your body senses purity and decides that this fluid is being administered to filter your body. Thus its filters get rinsed and the bad storage tank gets emptied into the urine and disposed almost immediately outside the body, leaving the organs "rested" and cleaned. This process eases so much work done by the body and is the only natural process which will give your organs a period of rest and cleansing. The purer the water the more ability to clean your filters. Proper amounts of pure water is healthy and good to rinse filters. Springs were at one time absolutely the best we could find for purity, but we all know what happens to emissions, and pollutions, and smoke, etc. Anything that rises must come down in our rain water, which is then naturally filtered by the sand and earth in the ground, and then returned to our water tables (Springs). The questions are,

  • How much filtration does it take to purify those elements out of rain?
  • Does the earth have the capability to remove what man has created?

The total dissolved solids count of spring water is now higher then ever before.

  • That count is what is in the water, that is not water.
  • Do you know what these minerals are that are in your water?
  • Are they good? 

With purified water, the more it is purified the lower the TDS count will be, with absolute purity being "0".

That would be done with out adding anything, only omitting impurites leaving you with oxygen and water, H2O.

That's purity and that's NOTHING BUT WATER!


Parts per million is a general way to measure what is in water, that is not water. It does not tell you what is in the water, only that it is not water.

FACT: Toronto and GTA Tap water is one of the world's best with approximately 160ppm!

FACT: Most bottled natural spring water is between 220 and 480ppm!

FACT: Your bottled water supplier must list the "ppm" and ingrediants on the bottle. Have a look!

Household filters (ex. Brita, Fridge filters) cannot remove all bacteria and chemicals. They only remove approximately 10% of ppm when new.

FACT: Our Reverse Osmosis bottled water is 0ppm in all categories. It's nothing but water.

FACT: The cost of some of our major competitors water at the grocery store for 18.9L bottles, is the same cost as we would deliver to you for on a regular scheduled route!

We at Nothing But Water are commited to producing a high quality drinking water for our family, and our customers. Along with the best quality of water, we believe it is necessary to supply you with that old fashioned small town service we grew up with. On top of these commitments to you we will always have a very competitive price and schedule your deliveries to make sure your water is always fresh and sits for no more than a couple of days. We would be honoured to give you a free demonstration of the difference between spring, tap, and purified water in your home or office. Remember, just because it is bottled water, does not mean it will be better for your body.

Know what are you drinking!

Drink Nothing But Water

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