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How did we get started?

More then 11 years ago now, Nothing But Water's President Dan Polhamus was diagnosed with a disease that the doctors said would require daily medication costing near $100.00 a week for the rest of his life. An osteopathic physician finally convinced him to try a natural way of calming his symptoms, from harm done to his body for years. In just two weeks of drinking pure water, in adequate amounts, he was off the medication that he would have been taking for the rest of his life.Dan's family was replacing tap water in cooking, juices, tea and coffee. Pop become a rare, occasional treat as health was of more importance. It was soon after this that Nothing But Water's first distiller was purchased.

With a home distiller it would seem that there would be unlimited amounts of water. Even some left over for Grandma Grace to take home. This was not the case. The problem was Dan kept that distiller too clean. The water was too good. So, soon neighbours, relatives, and family friends started taking that water home with them. The only solution was a larger distiller that could keep up to the demand of his family and friends. It was in these next couple of months that Nothing But Water was born.

From servicing family and friends to servicing the thousands of customers and stores throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we did not change the way we produce water. New technology and servicing capability has allowed us to expand our product. From screw top 5 gallon Jugs of distilled water to 18.9L No-Spill bottles with built in handles and reverse osmosis, the water has not changed.

At Nothing But Water we drink the same water as you do.

We test it, and we see whats in it.


That's the way we like it, and we have found over the years, that we're not alone!

It has been almost 12 years now that our president has not needed medication for the disease that he still has, and without this quality of purified water that would not be possible. We encourage you to not only enjoy great taste, but healthy benefits as well.

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