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Competitive Wholesale Pricing!

Superior Customer Service! 

Here's some reasons why you should consider Nothing But Water as your wholesale supplier for bottled water to your retail location:

  1. QUALITY !

    Nothing But Water supplies 0 parts per million of total dissolved solids in our Reverse Osmosis water products. 

    This means once a customer has tried our product they will notice the taste difference and be back again.

    This means you never have to worry about health issues. We date stamp our product, record the person responsible for the monitoring of filling it directly on the bottle, and we use it ourselves.

    We ozonate each and every bottle we supply as per the Canadian Food Inspection Agencies recommendations. This ensures quality and freshness.

    Nothing But Water uses bottles purchased by us originally.

    You will never find a sticker over another competitor's label on a bottle, or a bottle with no handle. It is an unacceptable quality standard at Nothing But Water to use a bottle that has been used by another company, with other chemicals as cleaners, not knowing what the reaction might be inside the bottle. Ultimately this may affect the quality of your drinking water.

    Our caps are labelled to ensure the type of water inside the bottle. We use 3 different colour caps for our 3 different types of water. (Spring - green, Distilled - red, Reverse Osmosis - blue)

  2. SERVICE !

    We have tried to create the perfect situations for efficient, frequent delivery for our wholesale accounts.

    We deliver in each area of the GTA at least every 2 weeks unless otherwise noted. In most areas we can service a store every week!

    We reward high volume purchasing!

    We keep a standard wholesale price throughout the areas that we deliver to. This does not change. But what we can offer is some specific amount of our smaller disposable product free with a purchase of a certain volume. It's just one way Nothing But Water tries to put more money in your pocket if you are one of our best customers.

    We use the most space conscious racking systems available. The product looks better and there is no need for bottles sitting on the floor beside the rack. In the place that most of our competitor's racks hold 10 bottles we hold 12! In the place most of our competitor's racks hold 16 bottles we hold 24! It makes more space on the floor for other products. Space that was wasted by the other systems.

    We provide, in most cases, a sign for the entrances to your store. In most cases it will carry our recommended pricing and some information about the product. In some cases we can supply a sandwich board with a bright attractive advertisement to draw away some of the customers from your competition in the area. We have seen amazing results with our advertising and marketing plans.

  3. PRICE !

    Not only do we have the best quality, and service systems for you, but we also have the best pricing on the market.

    You will cut down your cost on water by switching to Nothing But Water.

    This will allow you to carry a lower price without losing profit.

    Therefore, by aquiring your competition's water customers, you will increase profit and have a lower price. And by carrying a brand that your competitor does not have, that new customer will pick up other items at your store when they need water.

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